The Regenerative Enterprise

The ultimate guide to building future-fit organisations

The Regenerative Enterprise
The Regenerative Enterprise
Satish Kumar


Satish Kumar, Ecologist, Author, and Founder of Schumacher College

Christiana Figueres UNFCCC


Christiana Figueres, Architect of the Paris Climate Agreement

Otto Scharmer Theory U


Otto Scharmer, Author of Theory U and senior lecturer at MIT

Book Sustainability Regenerative Business

The book

The Regenerative Enterprise offers a visionary and practical pathway for entrepreneurs wanting to lead transformational change - with a foreword by Christiana Figueres, Xiye Bastida, and Rajiv Joshi.Supported by case studies, tools, and frameworks, the authors show how entrepreneurs are building future-fit organisations as a response to the planetary crisis.The book explores how economists, systems thinkers, and pioneering changemakers are catalysing a new economy that works in harmony with nature - a field called regenerative entrepreneurship.It charts a clear and actionable journey for businesses to move from a sustainable to a regenerative and equitable mindset supporting life on Earth.

Johan Rockström Planetary boundaries

'Planetary crisis, human responsibility, global transformation and social opportunity. All meshed together in a convincing story of progress, dignity and justice. The Regenerative Enterprise sheds true light on the increasingly narrowing tunnel of hope.'

Johan Rockström, Professor of Earth system science and Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

Jane Goodall

'The Regenerative Enterprise describes an alternative way ahead, clearly written and with excellent examples of companies already on the right path.'

Jane Goodall, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute

The 5 big ideas


Because of the size of our ecological deficit, we cannot escape our converging crises with a sustainability mindset or by selling more green goods and services.


Humanity and the economy are nested systems dependent on the health of the planet and the other interconnected systems she supports so entrepreneurs must play by Nature’s rules.


Our current overlapping crises represent a historic opportunity for humanity to evolve as a species. Business has an outsized role in the problem, as well as the solution.

Compass for Regenerative Business


Entrepreneurs must now learn to think holistically. They should consider their impacts across; planet (environment); people (wellbeing); partners (collaboration); and places (communities).


The future of our species is no longer about how well we compete to survive but how well we collaborate. Applying an indigenous mindset will help us navigate our challenges.

Bas Van Abel Fairphone

'A refreshing book full of tools'

Bas van Abel, Founder of Fairphone

Saasha Celestial-One OLIO

'Explains clearly the meaning of Regeneration'

Saasha Celestial-One, Co-founder of OLIO

Alex Pryor Guayaki

'Demonstrates the need for Regeneration'

Alex Pryor, Co-founder of Guayaki

Fiona Spowers Hugo Riversimple

'A passionate and energetic book'

Fiona Spowers, Co-founder of Riversimple

Book structure

Foreword by Christina Figueres, Rajiv Joshi et Xiye BastidaPart One: Embarking on a Regenerative Journey
From Sustainability to Regeneration
Future-fit Business
The Regenerative Economy
Part Two: Embracing a Systemic Mindset
Nature-inspired Solutions
Shifting Systems
Ancient Futures

Part Three: Putting Regenerative Thinking into Practice
Purpose at the Core
Right Relationship with Nature
Elevating Human Potential
Value for All
Empowering Communities
Stories of change and Actionable steps

Frederic Laloux the week

'What is asked of us is no longer to add “sustainability” practices to existing business practices. We are invited to a much bigger adventure:Let the absurdity of today’s extractive business models sink in. And live our way into a whole new paradigm - that of The Regenerative Enterprise.'

Frederic Laloux, Author of Reinventing Organizations and Founder of the Week

Katherine Trebeck WEALL

'It is both a practical and inspirational journey for changemakers to adopt a conscious way of leading change that supports the thriving of humanity and nature. It provides changemakers with the necessary tools they need to deliver systemic change.'

Katherine Trebeck, Author and Founder of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance

Jeremy Lent

'This inspiring book shines a light on a diverse array of businesses that demonstrate how to meet human needs while regenerating our Earth. The authors show how a wellbeing economy is not only possible, but is already emerging in a multitude of vibrantly different forms.'

Jeremy Lent, Author of the Web of Meaning

What's inside

Over 120 stories of change from pioneers at the apex of this emerging new fieldInsights into how indigenous values offer our best hope for transcending our crisesA walk through all the leading movements and systemic approaches for regenerative changeA history of business-as-a-force-for-good, and insights into where the future of business is going

Examples from Nature’s 3.8bn years of R&D to inspire businesses to innovate today with biomimicry12 principles for building regenerative technology so that innovators can design with the future in mindActionable steps to transform businesses from net zero, diversity, community impact, to healthy supply webs

The authors

Stephen Vasconcellos

Stephen Vasconcellos

Stephen is a change agent with a multicultural background working with leaders in more than 50 countries. He co-founded the charity Reboot the Future to promote a compassionate worldview, launched Salt, a magazine for changemaker business, and co-authored the book Visions of Transformation with the Nobel prize winners Gore, Tutu and Yunus. He cares deeply about telling a new more empowering story for humanity, and is passionate about indigenous causes. He co-founded Positive in order to catalyse a regenerative and equitable economy.

Niels de Fraguier

Niels de Fraguier

Niels is a young leader and changemaker, committed to a thriving future for all. He has led and founded multiple positive impact initiatives empowering communities across the globe. As a convener and connector, Niels has led various coalitions of stakeholders to drive transformational change. His background is at the intersection of empowerment, social impact, and systems change. Niels is committed to empowering citizens taking sustainability to the next level. He co-founded Positive to empower regenerative changemakers to catalyse systems change.

Jeremy Heimans HBR

'The Regenerative Enterprise sets out an exciting vision for an economy in synch with Nature's rhythms and patterns - one which accords with new power principles. The book is a great resource for changemakers and entrepreneurs who want to lead from the future.'

Jeremy Heimans, Author of New Power

Bayo Akomolafe

'Lurking between the lines of this book is a soft yet stentorian call to consider that we will not save the world, because to save the world is to reinscribe the apartheid lines through which we have imagined ourselves separate from what some rudely call "nature". You will find the gestures of something profound, the outlines of something important, written in this book.'

Bayo Akomolafe, Author and Philosopher

Supported by Academics

The book has been praised by academics and scientists worldwide.Columbia University and other institutions have chosen The Regenerative Enterprise as a mandatory reading.Courses about Regenerative Entrepreneurship are gaining traction. Columbia University is now offering a course on “Climate Tech and Regenerative Entrepreneurship” with the book at its core.If you represent a university and want to collaborate to bring cutting-edge knowledge to your students, get in touch.

Michael Pirson

'As someone who has long argued for a new conceptual framework, based on the protection of human dignity and the promotion of well-being, I am delighted to see the authors of The Regenerative Enterprise have heeded the call - making a strong case for a new system that places the wellbeing of humans, life, and living systems, at the centre of their model. This book brings many pioneering fields of study together to capture the moral imperative of the zeitgeist.'

Michael Pirson, Ph.D. Professor for Global Sustainability at Fordham University

Rajiv Joshi

'In this Decisive Decade, the case studies and clear actions compiled, serve as a handbook for emergent leaders to nurture a system inspired by nature's model. Thoroughly recommend.'

Rajiv Joshi, Associate Dean, Climate School, Columbia University

Get in touch

Stephen and Niels offer their expertise through consulting and speaking to support organisations worldwide.The book's co-authors are also the co-founders of Positive where they designed the Compass for Regenerative Business and developed actionable resources to support business transformation.As pioneers in the future of business, they have a wealth of experience to support you on your regenerative journey.Reach out to work with them to embed their strategic insights and transform your business to become future-fit and regenerative.

Per Espen Stoknes

'Sustainability is now lost to fluff. “ESG" lost in confusion. If “regenerative” emerges from buzz to real, it will only be thanks to concrete examples and books with solid thinking. You will find it all in The Regenerative Enterprise.'

Per Espen Stoknes, Author of Tomorrow's Economy and co-Author of Earth for All (Club of Rome)

John Fullerton

'An important contribution to this emergent paradigm. Slowly at first, and then quickly, we will all strive to create the conditions for ReGeneration.'

John Fullerton, Founder of the Capital Institute and Author of Regenerative Capitalism

Tamsin Woolley-Barker

'Amid a sea of sustainability doomsayers and half-measures, The Regenerative Enterprise stands out by offering a steady vision and practical path to the more beautiful future our hearts know is possible: one proven by 4 billion years of evolution and countless generations of our ancestors. The answers we need are all here.'

Tamsin Woolley-Barker, Author TEEMING: How Nature's Teams Adapt and Thrive

Joel Bakan

'This is an imaginative, thoughtful, and constructively critical contribution to our thinking about how economic action and actors can align with planetary needs, and become part of the solution - rather than continuing to be the problem - for confronting compounding global crises.'

Joel Bakan, Author of The New Corporation

Mindahi Bastida

'The authors of The Regenerative Enterprise have shown how businesses can draw inspiration from ancestral wisdom of the so called indigenous principles and participate in healing and restoration.'

Mindahi Bastida, Convenor of the Great Council of the Eagle and Condor

Laura Storm

'The Regenerative Enterprise is a great clarion call for changemakers to roll up their sleeves and start building a new regenerative economy worthy of our children's children in harmony with Nature. The book is full of inspiring case studies from pioneering entrepreneurs - as well as tools and frameworks to put regenerative theory into practice.'

Laura Storm, Co-author Regenerative Leadership, Founder Regenerators and Regenerators Academy

John Elkington Volans

'Regeneration is not an alternative to sustainability, but a route to it. Survival and success, whether you are an individual, a business or an economy, will depend on continuous reinvention – but within limits. This is the story that Niels and Stephen sketch for us. Recommended.'

John Elkington, Author of Green Swans

Nigel Topping

'Within a generation we will transform the relationship between individual businesses, the entire economy and the society and ecosystems within which they are embedded. This will be a messy, challenging, disruptive, exciting time of innovation, of individual and collective learning, of setbacks and breakthroughs. We need maps to help us navigate and examples to inspire - this book provides both and will be an invaluable guide to all of us embarking on this journey.'

Nigel Topping, United Nations High Level Climate Action Champion, COP26

Pedro Tarak

'Indispensable reading for any entrepreneur embarking on a regenerative pathway.'

Pedro Tarak, Founder Sistema B

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What is a regenerative business?

The future of business goes beyond sustainability

The Regenerative Enterprise
Planetary Boundaries

Why now?

Humanity consumes natural resources 1.75 times faster than our planet's ecosystems can replenish - leading to severe consequences for life on Earth, human society, and the global economy.Recently, both the business world and society have been gradually moving towards 'sustainability'. However, this progress has been undermined by greenwashing, as some companies use Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives as a cover for profitable but environmentally and socially harmful practices. This corporate double-speak has created confusion and weakened the efforts of genuine changemakers.A growing wave of businesses are proposing new ways to stay ahead of the curve going beyond sustainability to embrace regeneration and equity. Regenerative companies go beyond sustainability by adopting transformational principles aiming to create a net positive impact on the environment and society.

The Principles of Regenerative Business

Doing More Good
Regenerative businesses focus on creating positive outcomes for the environment, society, and the economy, rather than simply minimising negative impacts.
Living Systems Worldview
Adopting a holistic perspective, regenerative companies view their operations as interconnected with the wider ecosystem, recognising the importance of biodiversity and natural processes.
Evolutionary Purpose
Regenerative businesses commit to continuous improvement, learning, and adaptation, aligning their goals with the well-being of people and the planet.
Collaboration Over Competition
By fostering partnerships and cooperation, regenerative companies create shared value and drive collective progress towards long-lasting impacts.
Long-Term Thinking
Regenerative businesses prioritise the needs of future generations, making decisions that balance short-term gains with long-term resilience and prosperity.

Challenging the Status Quo
Regenerative companies question conventional wisdom and seek innovative solutions to complex challenges, pushing the boundaries of what's possible.
Respecting Locality
By valuing local communities, cultures, and ecosystems, regenerative businesses create place-based solutions that promote social and environmental well-being.
Empowered Participation
Regenerative companies engage stakeholders at all levels, fostering equity, inclusion, and shared decision-making.
Systemic Transformation
Recognising the interconnected nature of global challenges, regenerative businesses work to address root causes and create lasting, systemic change.
Win-Win-Win Strategies
Regenerative companies adopt a value-for-all mindset, seeking solutions that truly benefit people and the planet.
Disrupting Traditional Business
By embracing regenerative principles, companies can transform their operations, business models, and industries, driving cutting-edge innovation and resilience.

Going beyond sustainability

Regenerative and equitable businesses are emerging as pioneers in the 'do more good' category, representing a significant shift from extractive systems and exploitative practices.This progression can be divided into three developmental stages: 'do less harm', 'do no harm', and 'do more good'.In the 'do less harm' phase, companies employ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to mitigate risk, often as a means of communication to counteract negative externalities.The 'do no harm' stage focuses on sustainability, with companies aiming to reduce negative impacts for future generations through incremental changes.

Sustainability business impact

Lastly, the 'do more good' stage encompasses both restorative and regenerative approaches. Restorative businesses aim to put back more than they take, improving processes and making positive impacts.However, regenerative and equitable companies operate at the forefront, adopting living systems thinking, actively restoring ecosystems, and addressing inequalities by prioritising the health of the entire system. These businesses are paving the way for a truly sustainable and regenerative future.

Order the regenerative enterprise

The ultimate book to learn all you need to know about regenerative business

The Regenerative Enterprise
Bas Van Abel Fairphone

'A refreshing book full of tools'

Bas van Abel, Founder of Fairphone

Saasha Celestial-One OLIO

'Explains clearly the meaning of Regeneration'

Saasha Celestial-One, Co-founder of OLIO

Alex Pryor Guayaki

'Demonstrates the need for Regeneration'

Alex Pryor, Co-founder of Guayaki

Fiona Spowers Hugo Riversimple

'A passionate and energetic book'

Fiona Spowers, Co-founder of Riversimple

What is Regenerative Entrepreneurship

Become a future-fit changemaker

The Regenerative Enterprise
Planetary Boundaries

Current context

In today's rapidly changing world, businesses are increasingly being called upon to play a more significant role in addressing environmental sustainability and social impact.As concerns about greenhouse gas emissions, natural resource depletion, and social responsibility continue to grow, entrepreneurs and business leaders are seeking new and innovative ways to create positive change.Enter The Regenerative Enterprise, a groundbreaking book that offers a visionary and practical pathway for building future-fit organisations that prioritise sustainable practices and regenerative agriculture.

Explore future-fit strategies

Authored by two leading experts on Regenerative Entrepreneurship, The Regenerative Enterprise is a comprehensive guide that reveals proven strategies for transforming your business into a force for good.The book goes beyond theoretical exploration of sustainable business practices with a call to action, empowering entrepreneurs and business leaders to take control of their impact on the planet and lead the way towards a regenerative and equitable future.The authors provide a roadmap for transforming your business, using real-world examples from companies that are already making a difference.With this book, you'll discover how to tap into your potential driving positive change and create a legacy that you can be proud of.

The Regenerative Enterprise is packed with valuable insights and actionable strategies for creating sustainable business models that prioritise environmental sustainability and social impact. Some of the key concepts and strategies covered in the book include:Making Your Organisation Future-Fit: The authors provide a clear framework for assessing your organisation's current level of sustainability and offer practical steps for improving your environmental and social impact.
Embracing Transformational Resilience: Learn how to create a resilient business that can adapt and thrive in the face of changing circumstances, such as climate change and shifting market demands.
Delivering Systemic Impact for Positive Change: Discover how to create a ripple effect of positive change throughout your supply chains, partnerships, and communities by adopting regenerative business practices.
Meeting Human Needs While Regenerating the Planet: The book explores innovative business models that prioritise both human well-being and environmental sustainability, ensuring that your enterprise is truly future-fit.

Tools and frameworks for positive impact

The Regenerative Enterprise is more than just a book; it's an indispensable guide for entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking to create lasting, transformational change. The authors provide a range of tools and frameworks to help you apply the principles of Regenerative Entrepreneurship to your business.The Regenerative Enterprise is a must-read for any entrepreneur or business leader seeking to create a sustainable, future-fit organization that prioritizes environmental sustainability and social impact. By providing a clear roadmap for transforming your business practices and embracing regenerative entrepreneurship, this seminal book will empower you to lead the way towards a regenerative and equitable future.With its wealth of real-world examples, practical tools, and actionable strategies, The Regenerative Enterprise is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to make a positive impact on the world through their business. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your enterprise and contribute to a more sustainable, regenerative future.

The Regenerative Enterprise